Pro-feminist supporters of #YesAllWomen angry about #YesAllPeople!/RonLPitts/status/470692272368254978

The feminist hashtag #YesAllWomen started on Saturday in response to the mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara, and it continued to trend into Sunday.

Now, a hashtag for both sexes, #YesAllPeople, is trending nationally:


A few examples from supporters of the hashtag:!/JerichoRC/status/470388957109178368!/slothking_16/status/470688887732715520

You couldn't be more correct! @CatherineEryn:
#YesAllWomen but also #YesAllPeople We should
remember that men can
be raped too.— Edebe Victor (@Veector003) May 25, 2014!/KnightWing19/status/470697490942275584!/BeahLirhanu/status/470658818687631360!/TheMorningSpew/status/470686504973393920

Some of those who would like to keep the focus on #YesAllWomen are not thrilled about #YesAllPeople:!/VanguardVivian/status/470665625929781249!/leannaVEVO/status/470681167524397056!/la_belle_laide/status/470699262804631553!/Angelica_Ehioba/status/470697473087127552!/schemaly/status/470688255940513792!/keilannnn/status/470606021900398592!/atsinha/status/470696465221033984



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