Playing Outside Barefoot Is A Childhood Mainstay, But This Story Shows The Ugly Side

I remember driving my parents nuts when I came inside with dirty feet in the summer, but there was something great about it being warm enough to just run outside on a whim, shoes or not.

And aside from annoyance, my parents, like many, had no reservations about it. But one mother and her little son learned the hard way that rubber matting at playgrounds can spell disaster for tiny bare feet.

Jessica Mead’s 15-month-old son, Jackson, wandered around barefoot as Mom gathered up their things to go. When she was packing up the stroller, she heard an ear-piercing scream.

She dropped what she was doing and ran to her child, who was frozen in place and obviously in immense pain.

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When she picked him up, she realized that his feet had blistered horribly. The baby was understandably frazzled, so she poured cool water on his feet and began breastfeeding to calm him down and figure out what to do next.

She went home to keep Jackson calm and comfortable. There, she called her family doctor to make a home visit. He informed her that her child suffered second-degree superficial burns.

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