Piers Morgan complains about fake Twitter accounts, is reminded of his history with fake photos


Piers is not much on fake Twitter accounts.

BREAKING NEWS: that Thierry account is a fake. My mate @fmuamba got duped by a hoaxer.Unfollow the idiot immediately – @thierry14h

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) November 18, 2012

Some wonder if his is a fake account.

@piersmorgan I always assumed this was a parody account

— Karl Brophy (@Karlbroph) November 18, 2012

LoL RT @gitchbowy: This Account Is a Fake …»@piersmorgan … _

— P. Poacher (@josephwairera) November 18, 2012

@piersmorgan I thought you was a fake account.

— Involved In Nothing. (@iHateFeds) November 18, 2012

Others want to know if fake Twitter accounts are like journalists who publish fake photos of Iraqi prisoners being tortured by British soldiers.

For reference:

Back in 2004, Piers Morgan was axed as editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, for publishing photos of British soldiers who appeared to be abusing an Iraqi prisoner. They turned out to be fake.

@piersmorgan just like publishing fake pictures of our brave soldiers! #ashamed #wanker #CNN

— carl harper (@carlharpermufc) November 18, 2012

@piersmorgan A bit like people who fake photos to create a newspaper story that would have resulted in our troops being targeted. Sad.

— Andy Roscoe (@andyroscoe77) November 18, 2012

@piersmorgan @stephenjonesWhat about people who fake photos and stick them on the front page? What about them Piers? They’re worse right?

— Rory Murphy (@bogotabandit2) November 18, 2012

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