Paul Ryan supporters begin online campaign for House Speaker!/star_debrabird/status/267965005381660673

With an ABC News interview set to air Tuesday evening, Rep. Paul Ryan is taking his first steps back into the national spotlight, and many are hoping the former vice presidential candidate will stay there. Dissatisfaction with the GOP establishment is high as conservatives ponder a second Obama term, and many are convinced House Speaker John Boehner is not the person to counter the president’s ambitions. Is Speaker of the House where Ryan belongs for now?

Hhhmmm… Ryan instead of Crying John for Speaker… Works for me…

— Philip Taylor (@klingoncowboy) November 12, 2012

Paul Ryan should be new speaker of the house so he maintains a visible role in public life IMO.

— Halston Price Jr. (@Number1TCOT) November 12, 2012

A move is on to recruit CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN for Speaker of the House. John Boehner is not holding the line. If you agree retweet.

— Outlaw Woman (@womanoutlaw) November 12, 2012

Paul Ryan for speaker of the house!! #itdbeawesome

— lucas spremulli (@ohyealucas) November 12, 2012

@shaughn_a ugh!im gonna be sick!we need #Boehner out & #Ryan as #speaker

— Sarah TruthTeller (@awakegop) November 12, 2012

Paul Ryan For Speaker, New speaker a Must, Bohnner must go!

— Bflyboy13 (@Bflyboy13) November 12, 2012

When does House elect a new speaker? If #recount fails, need to impeach both O & B, so Speaker becomes Pres. Want Ryan not jelly Boehner.

— LoveTruthFreedom (@eloveskids) November 12, 2012

@timgriffinar2 Paul Ryan for Speaker we need leadership not @speakerboehner He has to go. #liberty&freedom, #fighttyranny

— Lisa Gunnoe (@Shebalynnx) November 12, 2012

I think PAUL RYAN should replace JOHN BOEHNER IMMEDIATELY as Speaker of the House.Now is no time for bowing to Obama!#tcot #lnyhbt #ocra

— Chris Denhart (@ChrizDDv3) November 12, 2012

Paul Ryan should be Speaker of the House…Boehner is starting to be wimpy with OBAMA …no need to start bowing now Boehner

— LSturgeon (@Libbye55) November 12, 2012

Please can Paul Ryan please be Speaker of the House? #fireBoehner @reppaulryan @speakerboehner

— Kelly Campagna (@warriorwoman91) November 13, 2012

Paul Ryan for Speaker!(Boehner has no balls)

— Lil Madam Butterfly (@LiliButterfly) November 13, 2012

Dear republican party,Don’t vote for Boehner for speaker. Ryan for speaker!!!Us

— Dan (@dgm_pls) November 13, 2012

@reppaulryan Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House! GOP needs a leader in Washington. RT if you agree. #GOP

— Andrew Surprise (@AndrewSurprise) November 13, 2012

@davidlimbaugh Talk of Paul Ryan as speaker. Is this the time? He has the knowledge.

— Vernon Bay (@vernondbay) November 13, 2012

@jedediahbila Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House…We can do this!

— Eric Amey (@EricAmey2) November 13, 2012

@davidlimbaugh the GOP lacks guts and real leadership.Tired of the game playing. Ryan for speaker NOW!!!

— Daniel Duncan (@dan091565) November 13, 2012

While plenty of Republicans were dispirited after Election Day, the idea of a Ryan-led House has many fired up and ready to go again. But will the petitions and retweets lead to change, or is this another setup for yet another disappointing repeat?

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