Panic: Government shutdown threatens to impair asteroid preparedness!/norightturnnz/status/384879363751030784

The Asteroid Watch Twitter feed exists to “detect, track and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach Earth.” And in the event of a government shutdown, the @AsteroidWatch Twitter feed will go dark along with the nation’s Panda Cam.!/GCallah/status/384880778746028032!/JasonGraziadei/status/384881037785829376

Is this true, or is it just a last-minute ploy to scare the House GOP into sending a clean continuing resolution to the Senate tonight? No, it’s true.!/HayesBrown/status/384879838609563648!/DavidUberti/status/384881084648808449

Now is it time to panic?!/bborzyko/status/384881909794603008!/HayesBrown/status/384880297281847296!/ARStrasser/status/384881033780666368

The Twitter feed might succumb to the shutdown, but Asteroid Watch will still be watching the skies, right?!/dwallbank/status/384881559544676352

Well? Uh oh. They said they wouldn’t respond…

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