Mother Jones asks why ‘tank cars carrying oil keep blowing up’!/Big_Liebowski/status/472918140372783105

Accidents involving trains hauling oil seem to happen with relative regularity, causing environmental damage and hazardous conditions for local populations.

With that in mind, Mother Jones asked a simple question:!/MotherJones/status/472913043446583296

Why? This was a job for Captain Obvious!!/konabianca/status/472916455949082624!/poo_picker/status/472916941087453185!/Calle_Elefante/status/472919320205336576!/ROCKInTheUSSA/status/472920439912534017!/joethefatman1/status/472936034322227201!/MartiniShark/status/472922957460033536

When in doubt, just go to the old standby:!/writerRuss/status/472942610139463680


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