Michael Moore says GOP impoverished millions for Obama to feed


Those heartless Republicans! At least President Obama wants people to be able to eat. And when it comes to the Obama presidency, “at least” is good enough for libs like Michael Moore.

@MMFlint right because under Bush millions of Americans starved. #dummy

— markb (@cubscoltsfan) September 25, 2012

@MMFlint when did the republicans impoverish anybody? Welfares been going strong since the 60s. Can't remember when they stopped it.

— dave (@dsimpson41) September 25, 2012

@MMFlint welfare state does nothing but make sure the poor stay poor. #Obama

— Andrew (@BoogKnight2002) September 25, 2012

@JeffChanceUSA @MMFlint And has obviously not missed many meals himself. Dosen't ' want to see that O took away jobs creating hungry ppl

— SLSTCP (@bodysouls) September 25, 2012

@MMFlint the people on food stamps are addicted to government and don't take personal responsibility, no one suffers when the rich get richr

— Matt Ford (@matthewaford) September 25, 2012

Oh, one more thing. Racist!

@MMFlint it's also a dogwhistle, of course

— Matt Seaton (@mattseaton) September 25, 2012

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