Marc Lamont Hill laments suicide of convicted killer on death row!/marclamonthill/status/364419631521345538

HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill, who in April tweeted happy birthday to his “brother,” convicted cop-killer Abu Mumia-Jamal, is commenting about the death of Billy Slagle. On death row in Ohio after being convicted of murder in 1988, Hill doesn’t believe Slagle got a fair shake:!/marclamonthill/status/364419923600080896

Slagle was a victim? What about the person he killed? That’s the “victim.”!/marclamonthill/status/364420942950178816!/marclamonthill/status/364421626030329857

The above tweet received this response:!/rynlyn/status/364421902309138433

Hill’s tweets on this topic included this misrepresentation:!/marclamonthill/status/364422228546301952

Read the article and it’s clearly stated that Texas faces running out of the execution drug not because they’re using it all to execute convicted murderers, but because the current supply will have to be discarded next month because it will have reached its expiration date, and no alternatives have been found.

One more comment from Hill:!/marclamonthill/status/364419104226021376

It is?

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