Leaving a Lasting Impression With Your Writing

Writing is a very different thing to different people. It is a wonderful form of expression and it is an art form in many cases. If done correctly, it also tells an important story each time that a new piece of writing is created.

Writing is as diverse as the individual

All good writing tells a story. Each writer has a lot of stories to tell. The point (and the importance) of stories is that they have the potential to touch the people who are reading those stories and the readers will hopefully be able to relate to what the writer is sharing in some profound, emotional way and thus establish a human connection.

If you are just starting out as a writer in business, you will probably have a need to learn to write in several different styles to suit your clients. On the other hand, if you are only writing for one client (or you are employed by only one business), you will not have to learn a large number of writing styles.

If you are writing different types of content, you may have to write in different styles as well. Some of the writing will be informal and relaxed while other writing will be more formal and proper. Certain types of writing are appropriate for certain types of content. It is that simple. Of course, the more writing styles you learn and the more skilled you become, the more desirable and in-demand you will be.

Choosing your topic

Figuring out what you want to write about is extremely challenging at times. Choosing the topic can actually be done scientifically (analytically) for positive results. Many writers start with the analytics (metrics) and the process is a team effort. You have a better chance of that happening if you are either a staff member or if it happens to be your business. On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, you may have to work harder (and do it on your own) to come up with content ideas. Before you make an attempt to come up with any content topics, you should consider the following concepts.

Become well acquainted with your target audience: As a writer, you have a responsibility to give your readers what they want and need (at least, to the best of your ability). It is important to keep in mind that you are writing for your readers, not for yourself.

Make sure that your keywords and key phrases and spot on: The purpose of your keywords and key phrases is to ensure that other people can find you when they are searching for your type of business. You want people to find you as easily as possible. Quietly sitting in the corner will not do you or your business any good.

Understand your competition and know what that competition is doing: Of course, it is really important to know what you are doing. However, it is important to understand what other people in a similar industry or niche are doing as well. You can leverage your competition in many ways. It would be beneficial to study what your competition is doing and writing. You can use some of those concepts and write original content based on what you read.

Spread your creative wings: You have tremendous capabilities as a writer. You just need to show people what you can do and live up to your potential. The fact is that you have exactly three seconds to capture the attention of the reader with your headline. If you are not able to do it in those three seconds, the reader will move on to someone else’s content that they consider more interesting. You certainly want to avoid that situation whenever possible. Once you have been able to captivate your readers using your title, they will want to move on to the rest of your content and hopefully read all the way to the end.

All of your writing should be original and unique

If you are concerned about not being able to come up with original content each time you sit down to write, you needn’t be concerned. You are definitely capable of doing it successfully. Not only are you capable of coming up with original ideas and basing your writing on those ideas to come up with unique content but you can also share your story in a unique, original manner as well. If you haven’t found it already, you will definitely find your voice within the writing soon.

Keep social media in mind when you write

After you have written a piece of content, you will need to share it and then you will need to syndicate it so that other people are able to reap the benefits of your wisdom. Of course, the way to do that is by sharing your content on your chosen social media channels. They will allow you to reach many people very quickly. You can generate valuable discussions through social media and you may be surprised at all of the innovative, insightful, valuable discussions that transpire. As is the case with any business (and your writing is an integral part of your business), you are not in it by yourself. Without other people, you would not own a successful business.


The fact that you are a writer means that you are creating the most important foundation that there is in business. Your writing will earn you credibility and trust among your readers. Of course, it is essential that you always write with your reader in mind. Remember that you are writing for the reader, not for yourself. You have been given an incredible gift. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of it for you and for the rest of the world.

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