Leaders: FOCUS On The Bigger – Picture!


One of the essential differences, between true leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack, is their primary FOCUS! Rather, than, merely, taking, some path, of least resistance, and fixating on current obstacles, in a problematic approach, a true leader, looks carefully, at the bigger – picture, in a forward – looking, positive, can – do, manner, and perceives and conceives of, obstacles, as challenges, and ways to create and develop, the best possible, relevant, sustainable manner! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is such an essential consideration, when analyzing, the best way, for quality leaders, to proceed.

1. Faithful; factors; future; fruition; facts: Begin by examining, precisely, who a particular, potential leader, is faithful to – constituents, or his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Whether one examines all foreseeable, potential factors, and seeks to acquire the necessary, relevant facts, etc, often determines, how someone will proceed, and whether, he focuses on the future, and the best way, to bring ideas, to fruition!

2. Options; opportunities; open – minded; organized; original: It’s better, to be the best, original, you, than a lesser, clone of someone else! Relevant leaders look at the options, and seek the finest opportunities, in an open – minded, way! Achieving the finest objectives, requires proceeding, in an organized, focused way!

3. Character; clarity; creative; coordinate: There are many skills and abilities, a quality leader, needs, to be successful, many of which can be taught and trained! However, one’s quality of character, is an inner condition, which is based on individual strengths and priorities! In order to be, as creative, as possible, real leaders coordinate all relevant details, in an organized, focused manner!

4. Useful; usable; urgent/ urge: Instead of sweating the petty stuff, it’s important to emphasize, useful, relevant matters, and proceed accordingly! Recognizing and differentiating between minor and major issues, helps one understand, what’s most urgent, and prioritize, and plan, accordingly! However, it’s important to go further, and urge others, in an inspiring, motivating way, to join in the quest!

5. Service; solutions; sustainable; system: Begin with an emphasis on providing quality, relevant service, to those you serve, and represent, as well as aligning this, with the best interests of the organization! Great leaders perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and instill, the best, possible system, to bring about sustainable solutions!

Will you be ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with the FOCUS of a leader? Are you, up to the task?

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