L.A. County Coroner’s official may have been murdered; Whack nut conspiracy: he was killed by Obama Administration


Los Angeles Coroner’s official Michael Cormier died last week. According to sources cited by the Los Angeles Times, law enforcement officials believe Cormier may have been poisoned.

Many Twitter users are under the impression that Cormier was responsible for investigating the cause of Andrew Breitbart’s death:

Coroner Investigating Breitbart Death Dies From Possible Arsenic Poisoning | Before It's News http://t.co/CIghAIjT

— Roger Anghis (@AmerIntelReport) April 29, 2012

The Coroner Investigating The Death Of BREITBART Dies Under 'Mysterious Circumstances' http://t.co/rjxqczP6

— Freedom Fighter (@DefundMSM) April 29, 2012

Some strongly hinted at some kind of shadowy conspiracy:


@rphfrank I don't think this is a coincidence. http://t.co/cWqAaLqs

— Steel Magnolia (@Southrngirl77) April 29, 2012

@southrngirl77 I so agree with you. This is getting scary.

— Фрэнк Pharma Czar™ (@rphfrank) April 29, 2012

At least one Twitter user accused the Obama Administration of assassinating both Breitbart and Cromier:

Sooo coroner for Breitbart died mysteriously by poisoning…..this country is smelling more like the USSR everyday.

— lakesunrise (@lakesunrise) April 29, 2012

Like Breitbart and then the coroner for Breitbart? RT @rrdurbin: By assassinating citizens Obama (cont) http://t.co/VjVJnNlS

— lakesunrise (@lakesunrise) April 29, 2012

So far, Twitchy has been unable to find any reputable source documenting that Cormier was involved in any way with the Breitbart case. If any such evidence emerges, we will update this post.

For sane people who truly care about Breitbart, here’s where to send donations to his children’s memorial fund:

Breitbart Children’s Trust

149 S. Barrington Ave, #735

Los Angeles, CA 90049.

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