Kavanaugh and Ford Controversey


The Controversy of Kavanaugh and Ford.

I understand that controversy is part of the political process. This is politics but why has this controversy become so personally emotional and why does it seem to touch our guts and feelings so deeply?

Because, I believe, it challenges each of our core beliefs. experiences and even our sins. Why?

Because we each are making decisions on who is guilty and who is innocent by the things we have personally experienced in our lives.

The truth is, for whatever reason, we have decided that one is innocent and one is guilty because of what we have experienced ourselves and this situation really touches home to all of us.

Hypothetically – if we have made the choice to believe that Ford is the innocent one – it may be because the experience she says she has had is something that we may have experienced also. Sexual abuse is a terrible thing that many women have experienced and also many men. So when they hear Ford’s testimony they totally, emotionally remember their experience or experiences and relate to her and believe her testimony – which forces them to gain a hatred toward Kavanaugh – who represents the evil person who did evil toward them.


On the other hand, any who have been lied to, destroyed by another person, those who have been innocent and been accused by someone of something they didn’t do – will side with Kavanaugh and will have a hatred toward Ford and truly believe she is lying.

As I said, we are being challenged by our own beliefs, our own experiences and even by our own sins.

I wonder how many are out there, who are perpetrators and through this trial, have fear of some day being exposed of their sins because of their guilt and still are trying to protect themselves and have a fear of being found out – so emotionally they are going to side either with Ford or Kavanaugh because of their own sins.

Yes we are being challenged to make a choice by our own core beliefs. Maybe we have never had the experience of either Ford or Kavanaugh but because of what we have been taught to believe about situations like this – we make a choice, based on things we have heard other people say, things we have been taught, things we have seen happen to other people or simply – and this is the worse part – we make a choice because we are being influenced by others, not because we have annualized both sides and all of the testimony, weighed out the testimonies and really listened and heard all that is being said on both sides and then made a decision – but rather, we have chosen to follow the crowd. Believe all those around us, those who influence us, those who we want to like us, those who we want to be accepted by. We fall into that crowd mentality


We must be careful!!!!!!! This situation is causing hatred among us!!!!!!

This wonderful free country of ours is being turned upside down. We are taking sides so strongly, in this case, that hatred is being nurtured toward those who believe differently that we do.

This is not new! It has happened over and over again and is the cause of unrest and wars.

Innocent people are destroyed by people who become so enraged by their beliefs and hatred.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example!

What must we do to prevent this situation from becoming so caustic that our country becomes divided and divisions of hatred are created against our neighbors and even our loved ones? Like what we see in other countries. We have to be careful of our judgments towards others.

We need to do several things to prevent this division of beliefs from getting out of control and causing us to do things we will regret in the future


#1. We cannot make decisions on our personal experiences, beliefs or even our own sins. In this situation we may never know the truth! Lies are often covered up and truth is never revealed.

Only God knows the truth! And I believe each one will eventually pay for their sins.

But that evil force in life would have us believe the lies and gain hatred toward each other, so that our peace, our happiness and our love and compassion for one another is destroyed


#2. We must not judge each other by how we believe or feel. We must allow each one to believe the way they do, based on others core beliefs, experiences and even their sins. We cannot expect everyone to believe as we do, because their core has had different things happen than our core has.

#3. We need to recognize that there is evil out there intent to destroy all of us and we must be conscious of that and remember to love each other as we have been taught.

#4. We must value the freedoms we all enjoy in this country that so many in the world do not enjoy and we must do all we can to protect them


#5. We must not follow the crowd. We must not fall into that Mob mentality. We must think for ourselves. We must look at both sides, we must evaluate for ourselves, looking for truth. We must use our brains and not just take on other peoples thinking. We must pray about this. We must look for truth and when we find it for ourselves, then we can make a decision, but when we do – then comes the hard part – to not become so self righteous that we call down everyone who thinks differently that we do, to get filled with anger, hatred and rage that we will do anything to defend our belief and want to destroy someone who thinks differently that we do.

#6. We must remember to love one other and allow others their opinions because we want that for ourselves too. We must respect each other and understand that many people are making decisions in this case because of their own personal beliefs and experiences.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter, because God knows all and those who are lying will, one day, have to face Him but what we do, in this situation, will determine what kind of person we really are.

Let’s all be careful how we handle this situation and not become evil ourselves.

Let’s each keep our own integrity and love for one another. Let us not be a part of those who are and will destroy the destiny of this wonderful, free and gifted country we have been able to enjoy, up to this point. Let us be those who strengthen it, build it up and appreciate it by our own positive actions!

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