Joe Scarborough won’t apologize to ‘Cheetos brigade’; blames Politico!/alwaysonoffense/status/252737190004682752

Shockah! “Real journalist” Joe Scarborough is still sneering at bloggers who handily exposed his dishonest Mitt Romney smear.

On Friday, Scarborough promised that today he would address the “fake controversy” over the Romney/Ryan chant video he aired last week. And he did … by refusing to own his deceptive presentation of the video and slamming critics as the conspiracy-mongering “Cheetos brigade” in “mom’s basement.”

Memo to @NolteNC: re: "Romney/Ryan" chant…according to @joenbc you are a Cheetos eating, basement dwelling conpiracy nut. #MSNBC2012

— Noah Wehrman (@NoahWehrman) October 1, 2012

@JoeNBC calling those who jumped on him abt Romney/Ryan chant the Cheetos Birgade !! #journalist

— Daniel D Wenzel (@DirtyDan64) October 1, 2012

But instead of admitting fault, he now mocks those that figured out he was wrong. He's a piece of work.

— Christine (@cmdeb) October 1, 2012

so instead of admitting a mistake or oversight or sloppiness, @joenbc says we live in our parent's basement? cop out…

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 1, 2012

Even though Joe feels he owes no apology for falsely claiming Romney told a crowd chanting Paul Ryan’s name to add his name to the mix, it was totally Politico’s fault that he did that.

so @joenbc's excuse/defense was that he followed whatever politico said about the romney/ryan clip? oh good…

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 1, 2012

@cmdeb my favorite part was how he cited politico as being the reason he & his staff ran w/ it the way they did. yep, sloppy…

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) October 1, 2012

C’mon, Joe, you’re losing your touch. Surely you could’ve blamed Booooossssh!

On Friday, Scarborough tweeted:

Expect to hear the tape again on Monday.

— Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC) September 28, 2012

Technically he wasn’t lying. The audience heard the same tape this morning. But any guesses as to whether they saw the same video?

@joenbc LIES AGAIN!!!! To show he didn't doctor video he "replayed" it today w/ "Ryan" closed caption MISSING!!! @noltenc @NoelSheppard

— Noah Wehrman (@NoahWehrman) October 1, 2012

@JoeNBC that’s not the video you aired Wednesday! Where was the “Ryan” tag at the bottom half of the screen?

— Jeff Gore (@politisized) October 1, 2012

The Blaze confirms, “Scarborough then played the clip his show aired last week, this time without the subtitles.” You know, the subtitles falsely indicating the crowd was chanting “Ryan!” when it actually chanted “Romney!”

Laughably, the “Morning Joe” comedy crew also defended the program’s staff, claiming that NBC lapdogs don’t doctor tapes.

@morning_joe “They are working through the night — they are drunk— but not doctoring tapes.” @morningmika @JoeNBC

— Lori Isom (@lisom) October 1, 2012


MSNBC's #morningjoe – "We don't doctor tape" (Despite MSNBC's long history of………doctoring tape) LOL

— VikingsFan (@JeffGill24) October 1, 2012

@joenbc your mothership @nbc has doctored multiple tapes this summer!

— FloridaJayhawk (@HouseCracka) October 1, 2012

@Morning_Joe Has NBC ever doctored a tape before. Oh wait…yes.

— Richard Iarossi (@riarossi) October 1, 2012

@JoeNBC NBC staffers have doctored an audio tape before aka Tryvon Case,gives reason to Believe they would do it again after all Joe!

— RickyRay (@RickyRayinGA) October 1, 2012

But don’t worry about losing the Cheetos brigade’s viewership, Joe. Someone’s gotta keep an eye on your absurd spin and ridiculous lies when you and your panel pick up the lapdog pom-poms. If nothing else, we can giggle-snort at your show’s pathetic excuse for “real journalism.”

@Morning_Joe @Joe boycotting the program is a good idea, but what would us 47% Cheetos eating basement dwellers do for entertainment.

— r joseph (@firecaster65) October 1, 2012


Here’s the video via RedState’s Ben Howe.

RedStateTV: Joe Scarborough Calls Bloggers "The Cheetos Brigade"

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) October 1, 2012

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