I Thought This Was Just Some Normal Guy…Then I Saw His Other Photos. Now I’m In Tears.

Most people use Instagram or Twitter to update others about the mundane details of their day, but Harry isn’t like other people. Harry Hudson is a 20 year-old man that is full of talent, life and promise. He is a singer that just released his debut album in March 2013. Everything seemed to be going Harry’s way until something terrible happened: he was diagnosed with cancer. But, instead of hiding his diagnosis, he tackled the disease head-on for the world to see. This is incredible.

Three months after this record release, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

But even though when he delivered the news publicly, he was upbeat.

Harry refused to let his diagnosis get him down.

Ever since that initial reveal, he has taken his Twitter and Instagram followers on his journey fighting cancer.

He showed the world just what it was like to have cancer at such a young age.

Harry wanted to motivate others and show them, no matter what obstacles you are facing, you need to embrace every day.

He even made sure to let his sense of humor shine through.

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