Her Child Was Misbehaving. What She Wrote On Facebook About Her Is So Messed Up.

As parents often try to micromanage their children’s social media presence, they often forget to look in the mirror when it comes to their internet behavior.

An overall negative online presence can have a bad impact on anyone, regardless of age. While some parents use social media to try and catch their children in lies and keep tabs on them, others are choosing to air their dirty laundry for all the world to see. Rather than addressing private matters at home, some parents are posting too much information or creating drama with their children in a very public forum.

While this mom’s daughter may not be old enough to have her own social media accounts, the vile things she is saying about her are sure to leave a negative impression for years to come.

When Shawn Fletcher’s six-year-old daughter began misbehaving, Fletcher took to Facebook to voice her frustrations in an unbelievable rant. (Warning: Bad language coming right up!)

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Fletcher’s controversial comments about her daughter sparked a debate in the comments section. Many berated the woman for taking things a bit too far.

You might not notice it, but the way you use social media as a parent can affect your kids’ real lives.

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