Heh: Sen. Ted Cruz has lost his voice, but manages SOTU zinger at immigration hearing


Sen. Ted Cruz was unable to speak at Wednesday morning’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform, explaining that he had lost his voice.

Yikes, a hoarse Sen. Cruz: “I have lost my voice entirely.” #immigration

— Jordan Fabian (@Jordanfabian) February 13, 2013

Sen Ted Cruz will not ask questions. He lost his voice and is instead submitting a statement for the record #SJC #CIR13

— NalImmigration Forum (@ImmPolitic) February 13, 2013

He followed up by joking that perhaps it was due to cheering too much for President Obama.

Cruz: I would apologize to the committee but I’ve lost my voice entirely, perhaps from cheering so much at last night’s State of the Union

— Arlette Saenz (@ArletteSaenz) February 13, 2013

Check out this awesome animated GIF of Cruz stomping and hollering for Obama’s immigration agenda as Sen. John McCain does the “Shamnesty Shake.”

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