He Climbed To The Top Of A Mayan Ruin Only To Find This Heartbreaking Note

Going on a vacation to visit ancient Mayan temples and ruins is an exciting adventure for anyone. It’s really awesome to see what was left behind by one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and looking at the amazing structures they were able to create with primitive technology is incredible.

But for one traveler, a trip to see Mayan ruins had a much different effect. When he reached the top of one ancient temple, he found a heartbreaking note that really put things into perspective.

This is the bottle that was found. It contained a note detailing a heartbreaking story that needed to be shared with the world.

(via Reddit / Man0nTheMoon915)

This letter is so positive, yet so tragic. I’m glad that this person shared it with us. These words need to be heard so that everyone can learn from Katy’s message.

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