Gunman reportedly holds five firefighters hostage in Georgia!/JamminJohnny957/status/322089252278112256

A gunman is reportedly holding five firefighters hostage in Suwanee, Ga., according to early reports from Atlanta-area media. A SWAT team is reported to be on scene at the home where the firefighters responded to a medical call.

#Gwinnett PD says firefighters went to home on a medical call. SWAT team is on scene #breakingnews

— Jennifer Mayerle (@jennifermayerle) April 10, 2013

Police: 5 Gwinnett County Firefighters held hostage by barricaded gunman.They responded to a medical call.SWAT on scene.Stay w CBSAtl

— Michael Paluska (@cbsatlpaluska) April 10, 2013

Who would hold 5 firefighters hostage what is going on 😭😭 firefighters are so sweet!!!! Let them go scary man!!!

— Carly Dur$t (@CDurstie) April 10, 2013

BREAKING: Map of location where five Gwinnett Co. Firefighters held hostage in Suwanee, GA…

— NewsBreaker (@NewsBreaker) April 10, 2013

What? NYC copy cat? RT @11alivenews Gunman holding 5 firefighters hostage in Suwanee

— Roaming Gnome (@lildixxie) April 10, 2013

In December, a convicted felon in Webster, N.Y., shot four firefighters who responded to a house fire.

The scene where a gunman holding 5 firefighters hostage in Suwanee GA-…

— Amy Wood(@TVAmy) April 10, 2013

Lots of policeand EMS around closed streets in #Gwinnett near standoff situation.…

— Don Buckindail (@GAwebguy) April 10, 2013

@nimasalehi a guy in the house right behind my house is holding five firefighters hostage and there are cops and SWAT team surrounding!!!

— Leeanne Metzger (@LeEaNnEtennis22) April 10, 2013

Pray for the firefighters being held hostage and cops and SWAT team at the house behind mine!!!:( so scary!

— Leeanne Metzger (@LeEaNnEtennis22) April 10, 2013

The firefighters are being held hostage literally right next to my high school. We got some class act people here in Suwanee.

— Caroline Eagerton (@ceagerton) April 10, 2013

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Update: Reports indicated that one firefighter was released in order to move a fire truck.

Gunman releases one firefighter to move fire truck; four other firefighters still being held hostage in Suwanee, GA.

— ABC Action News (@abcactionnews) April 10, 2013

Caller claimed heart attack, emergency crews were dispatched, now 4 firefighters are being held hostage in #Gwinnett #Suwanee We’re LIVE…

— WSB-TV (@wsbtv) April 10, 2013

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Update: Reporters and neighbors on the scene are reporting hearing and feeling explosions.

#BREAKING Richard @elliotwsb reporting an explosion was heard inside the #Suwanee #Gwinnett Co home where four firefighters are held hostage

— Ryan Sloane (@RyanSloaneCNN) April 10, 2013

From the scene: We heard a loud explosion, sounds like a flash bang, then series of pops #Gwinnett

— 11Alive News (@11AliveNews) April 10, 2013

NEW: All people have been moved to the other side of the street after a very loud “boom” that shook your body #Gwinnett

— 11Alive News (@11AliveNews) April 10, 2013

At 7:45 p.m., police told reporters that the gunman was killed after SWAT officers entered the home. An officer was shot in the hand and the hostages had superficial wounds from the explosion.

BREAKING: @cbsnews in Atlanta reports gunman who took firefighters hostage is dead.

— Charlie Kaye (@CharlieKayeCBS) April 10, 2013

Resolution to hostage crisis: suspect is deceased, 1 officer wounded by gunshot but expected to live. All 4 firemen “going home” tonight.

— Maggie Schneider (@JournoMaggie) April 10, 2013

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