Everyone Who Tried To Ride This Bike Failed, And The Reason Why Is Fascinating

When people don’t do something for a long time and then suddenly get back into it without missing a beat, they say that it’s just like riding a bike. The assumption here is that riding a bike is something that you’ll never forget how to do. This guy’s bike, however, will make you see things differently. The trick here is that the handlebars were designed to turn in the opposite direction. Need to go left? Riders on this bike will have to turn to the right. This is obviously easier said than done.

Your brain is wired with an algorithm that prevents you from doing things like this. It would take months (or even years) of practice to rewire your brain in a way that would allow you to ride this bike. Watching these people give it the old college try, however, is beyond entertaining.

That’s an incredible brain teaser. The brain is an amazing organ, and this experiment is an interesting testament to that fact.

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