Doctors Told This Couple Their Baby Would Die. The 10 Days Following His Birth Are Unforgettable.

Robbyn and Josh Blick were expecting a beautiful baby boy. 20 weeks into the pregnancy, they received terrible news. Their unborn son had Trisomy 18, also called Edwards syndrome. The chromosomal condition would result in their son being born with numerous abnormalities, threatening his very life.

Due to the condition, many babies that have Trisomy 18 die either before birth or within the first month.

Robbyn and Josh were blessed enough to meet their baby boy.

They named him Zion Isaiah Blick.

He was born with a heart defect.

Although things did not look good for Zion, they refused to give up hope.

They also treasured every single moment with their precious baby for the 10 days he was on this earth.

Doctors said he was “not compatible with life” and thought he would die in the womb, during labor, within the first day… but he survived.

Zion even made it home to spend some quality time with his parents.

On January 21, 2014, Zion took his last breath, surrounded by his loving family. Robbyn said Zion was “peaceful and perfect.” Robbyn and Josh told their sons that Zion was with Jesus now, comforting them. Robbyn and Josh held Zion for hours, until they had to say goodbye. Even though Zion was only on this earth for 10 days, he showed his parents, family and doctors was true strength was. Again and again, Zion beat the odds. Source: Instagram / Josh Blick Share Zion’s wonderful, but sad, story with others. His strength and beauty should not be forgotten.

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