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Heavy consumer demand for legal weed in Colorado [photos]!/EddyP_09/status/418395845797904384 Pot lovers who are at least 21 years old can legally purchase recreational marijuana starting today in Colorado. And they are wasting no time. No prescription needed!!/TraciCNN/status/418395516775309312!/miguelmarquez/status/418389743462666240!/janicesyi/status/418385890310766592!/BrandonRittiman/status/418411583275278337!/BrandonRittiman/status/418397750968197120!/BrandonRittiman/status/418416941020495872 Even some out-of-staters are buying pot in Colorado this morning:!/SAVOY/status/418066489430667264!/Jhubbs9news/status/418359484298194944 Meanwhile, law-enforcement officials are voicing concerns about increased risks of motor-vehicle accidents in full-legalization states like Colorado. They are also reporting an increase in the use of pot in Colorado’s middle schools. […]

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