Bob Beckel implies Mitt Romney belongs to a cult!/Lonestar357/status/248897665763536896

This afternoon on “The Five,” during a discussion about Obama’s creepy #ForAll campaign and his appropriation of our flag, Bob Beckel just couldn’t help taking a swipe at Mormonism. When Beckel’s co-hosts pointed out Team Obama’s cultish behavior, Beckel seized the opportunity to connect Romney to a cult. Gee, what could he have possibly meant by that?

Hey Mormons, did you hear what Beckel said? He insulted your religion. Time to start rioting! #TheFive @ShaneWright22 @twitchyteam

— Christie (@RepRepublic) September 20, 2012

@TheFiveShow Bob Beckle you JERK!!! You can LEAVE Mitt Romney's RELIGION the heck out of it…CULT??? Quit being an idiot!!! SHEEESH…JERK

— Jim Raue (@Jim_Raue) September 20, 2012

Bob Bechel on The Five on Fox just referred to "Mitt's Cult". Shame on you, Bob!

— Jan Stone (@moosetracks48) September 20, 2012

.@RobertGBeckel I belong to a cult who thinks you're a disgusting bigot. #TheFive

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) September 20, 2012



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