Bloodthirsty mob hopes ‘DMX f*cking kills George Zimmerman’ in the ring!/DanielSmuttz/status/431151032219889664

New “justice for Trayvon Martin”? Same as the old.

While no contract has been confirmed, a spokesman for DMX says the rapper reportedly promises to “beat [George Zimmerman’s] ass” and urinate in his face in a three-round pay-per-view boxing match next month. Sigh. Society is doomed.

And never mind that a jury found Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Nothing short of death will satisfy this crowd.!/dechavien/status/431297454177546240!/Bails_Williams/status/431111158226231298!/Joe_Schmucc/status/430931600071610368!/ItsTheMikeD/status/431217424504201216!/Michael_P_Lucas/status/430933456911364096!/1nOnly_Desi/status/430935043998244864!/Fuck_U_Fuckboy/status/430951947122647040!/KTaTheD/status/431044072476647425!/t_Melichar/status/431096812888289282!/Tidy_Darts/status/431089339011846147

Of course, they’re all totally joking. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Stay tuned for freak-outs, excuses and the always-popular tweet deletion option.


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